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Garra Trademarks works as trademarks registration, patents and author right, with highly qualified professionals, able to accomplish any job referring to Intellectual Property all over the world.

“The registered brand ensures to the owner the right of exclusive use over national territory. Only with this register, you can have legal guarantee that the investment made in the brand that you are building up will not be in vain.”

Trademark registration

The patent is a title of property over an invention or model of usefulness, which ensures to the inventors or authors the rights over their invention. The register of the patent ensures the exclusive and safe use of the product and it prevents the products to be commercialized by competitors.

Patent registration

Register of Patent, Register of Computer Programs (Source Code) or copyrights?

Get to know the different types of protection and get to know which is more appropriate for your software.

Software Protection

A consulting created for partners focused on the training and the delivery of advanced services. Find out how Garra can add value to your brand.

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Having a clear, dynamic and applied format of work, we promote an experience of seriousness and safety in everything we do.

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